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The Magellan Switch Up is Magellan's first venture into the GPS watch market.

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Multisport profiles are awesome for training as a triathlete.

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Vibrating alerts is almost like having a coach yell at you

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Basic navigation back to starting point allows you to try new trails without fear of getting lost.

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Compatible with ANT+ heart rate monitor

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High resolution graphical display

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Water resistance allows you to use it for swimming

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Easy-to-read large numbers in a very nice font

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Large display

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Expensive with an MSRP of $300. Hopefully, the actual retail price will come down.

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Too bulky to wear as an everyday watch

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Only 8 hours of battery life

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It looks like a huge bulky thing

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The Magellan Switch Up is Magellan's first venture into the GPS watch market. Along with it's lower priced sibling, the Magellan Switch, it's a GPS watch aimed at making your training session more interesting. The Switch Up can be used for multiple sports including running, cycling and swimming. The Switch Up has the standard GPS-enabled technologies you'd find on other GPS watches, including a highly sensitive GPS receiver and altimeter, marked locations and pacing.

A big difference between this watch and the older generation GPS watches is that it has basic navigation capabilities to help you get back to your starting point. This would work well if you're in a city or trail you've never run before, almost like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs a la Hansel & Gretel.

The multisport mode will be appealing to triathletes as it allows you to record muti-disciplinary workouts into one session and record your transition times. The 9 activity profiles allows you to customize settings for different sports as well. A multisport mounting kit is included into the price.

The watch only has an 8 hour battery life, although you can get an extra 16 hours through an external battery pack. The 8 hour battery life isn't much if you're planning on wearing this as your everyday watch.

  • 1.26" display; black background, white characters
  • GPS tracking and elevation
  • Temperature recording and monitoring
  • Vibrating alerts for reaching predetermined goals
  • Multisport mounting kit (onto watch band or bike handles)
  • 60 hours of storage
  • Customizable screens
  • 9 activity profiles
  • Activity pacer
  • Compatible with ANT+ sensors - heart rate monitors, foot pods, bike sensors
  • Mark locations
  • Basic navigation to return back to starting point
  • Calorie calculation
  • USB charging and data transfer
  • Web applications
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01/06/2012 02:47

Vibrating alerts are a smart idea for sure. To me, what stands out about this watch is the beautiful, easy-to-read display. It is *WAY* better than my #garmin_forerunner_405 . The best thing about the Garmin watches is actually the Garmin GPS website with it's awesome integration in to Google Maps. If Magellan gets this right, then this is a seriously awesome product.

01/06/2012 02:41

I'm impressed with this watch. I think this will work very well for even casual training. I love the vibrating alerts for drifting outside of zones or reaching certain goals. It's like a little coach yelling in your ear all the time. It's funny magellan took so long to get into this market, we'll see if it can usurp the ubiquitous Garmin.

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