California Wine Wafer - Lemon Vanilla.

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California Wine Wafer - Lemon Vanilla. Each crisp, light wafer is lovingly hand made then baked, aged twelve days, carefully filled with all natural filling and baked once again. Sacramento Cookie Factory employs traditional hands on baking methods as opposed to mass production therefore the color and appearance of the individual wafers may vary. Enjoying your delicious California Wine Wafer is as easy as 1-2-3 First - Pour a glass or your favorite Wine Second - Take a bite on the California Wafer Third - Take a small sip of wine then swallow Each box contains eight 7" wafers Wine Wafer History This recipe own by Jiri Knedlik's family, comes from the old spa resort town of Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. Sacramento Cookie Factory is the first in the United States to offer this specialty. These gourmet Wafers were first introduced in 1640 at the spa as a treat for the rich and famous. Known variously as Oplatky in Czech, Oblaten in German, and Carlsbad Wafers in English, the name has Latin roots, i.e. oblata, oblati, oblatus. Early wafers were baked between waffle-like plates imprinted with the likeness of the man who would soon become Bohemia's patron saint. Oplatky wafers (served exclusively in the spa town) became intimately associated with the health center. Being light, low fat, and delicious didn't hurt none neither! They are now emblematic of their city. Over the centuries local bakers have vied to create the best commemorative designs and flavors. Proof of their success is the wafer status as a popular gift among the rich and famous. Those with financial means "took the waters" at Karlovy Vary's various luxury spas then returned home with gift boxes of oplatky proving they'd been there (done that). One of the first companies dedicated solely to baking luxury wafers found itself making special deliveries to Viennese royalty and Kaiser Wilhelm himself! Among noted oplatky eaters have been: Chopin, Wagner, Goethe, Edward VII of England. The wafer cookie was awarded with a gold metal for best baking product at the Paris World Expo of 1900.

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