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It is an officially licensed (endorsed) controller designed specifically for use with Rock Band 3.

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Includes a strap for keytar-style players.

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Can be used to play guitar and bass parts, too, which is good because not all the songs in Rock Band 3 have keyboard parts.

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Playing on Pro mode can actually help users to learn piano.

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Solid build quality, has a good weight to it.

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Keys feel pretty nice considering it's a game peripheral.

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Stand can only be purchased separately.

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Not 'backwards compatible' with Rock Band's back catalogue (has you just playing bass parts on songs from RB 1 and 2)

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The Mad Catz Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard is an officially licensed (endorsed) controller designed specifically for use with Rock Band 3. The controller was designed to mimic both function and form of a real keyboard instrument and provide players with a "new level of realism"; it can be used while seated on a flat surface like a more traditional keyboard or it may also be hung over a player's shoulder through the use of the included shoulder strap. The Wireless Keyboard controller will be released sometime in late 2010, most likely alongside the release of Harmonix' Rock Band 3 game.

The Mad Catz Wireless Keyboard controller will be sold separately with a quoted MSRP of $79.99 or in a bundle including the controller and the Rock Band 3 game for an MSRP of $129.99.

The Mad Catz Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard controller also includes additional features such as full MIDI function support (Two-octave C3 to C5 range), a non-weighted/ velocitysensitive key pad which allows players to play in the new Rock Band 3 PRO mode, standard console specific buttons for navigation of console menus, a MIDI output connector which provides full integrated support with external MIDI software and hardware, and full support for use with lead guitar, bass, and keyboard sections of the Rock Band 3 game. An optional keyboard stand will also be available upon launch however it will be sold separately. 

  • Licensed compatibility with Rock Band 3
  • Designed to mimic a real keyboard
  • May be used several ways
    • Worn over the shoulder or sitting on a flat surface
    • Allows standing use when paired with the optional keyboard stand
  • Works with both Standard and Pro Rock Band 3 game modes
  • Can be used during Bass, Lead Guitar, and Keyboard instrument sections
  • Console specific button support
  • Fully functional MIDI instrument
    • Integrated MIDI output connector
    • Two-octave C3 to C5 range (keyboard)
  • Release: Holiday, 2010
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