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It is an officially licensed (endorsed) controller designed specifically for use with Rock Band 3.

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a more entertaining way to learn guitar than with traditional methods

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durable design - strings consist of nylon-coated steel

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bigger than the traditional Rock Band guitar - closer to the real thing

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not just for use with Rock Band - can be connected to a PC or other music hardware

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strings don't travel up the fretboard - no physical connection between the left and right hand

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might be difficult for real guitar players to adapt to - all strings are of the same thickness

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not truly comparable to a real guitar - it's still a gaming accessory

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The Mad Catz Rock Band 3 Wireless Fender Mustang PRO-Guitar is an officially licensed (endorsed) controller designed specifically for use with Rock Band 3. The controller was designed to mimic both function and form of a real guitar instrument and provide players with a "new level of realism". Rock Band 3 will include a separate "PRO" mode which allows players to take full use of the MUSTANG PRO's realistic 6 string strumming area. The Fender Mustang Pro controller will be released sometime in late 2010, most likely alongside the release of Harmonix' Rock Band 3 game.

The Mad Catz Wireless Fender Mustang PRO- Guitar controller also includes additional features such as 17 (button) frets positioned along a realistic neck, a touch sensitive string box which will allows users to mute or "cut-off" notes, console specific buttons for navigating game menus, left/ right hand use options, and compatibility with standard and PRO game modes. The Fender Mustang Pro will also operate as a fully functional MIDI guitar for use with additional music applications, an additional MIDI output connector provides integrated compatibility with MIDI software and devices.

  • Licensed compatibility with Rock Band 3
  • Designed to mimic a real guitar
  • 6 string strumming area
  • 17 button style frets
  • Touch sensitive string box for muting and cut-offs
  • Console specific button support
  • Supports Left and Right handed use
  • Works with standard and PRO Rock Band game modes
  • Fully functional MIDI instrument
  • Release: Holiday 2010
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01/29/2013 02:54

it is comparable to a real guitar you have to press in the button and pick the relevant string,chord shapes are the same as on a real guitar,and there is an actual physical connection between right hand and left,,,,as in when you make the chord shapes,,,you strum the strings.

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