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It is a customizable video game controller that offers an alternative to the company's Major League Gaming Arcade Fightstick.

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13 foot cable should be long enough for pretty much any room

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Can exchange the controller's analog stick for a D-pad

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Rubberized grips feel great in your hands

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Can use a Xbox 360 remote control layout for the PS3 system

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Allows competitive gamers to adjust the gamepad's weight and swap out key components

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larger than the standard Xbox 360 controller - takes some getting used to

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The Major League Gaming Pro Controller is a customizable video game controller form Mad Catz that offers an alternative to the company's Major League Gaming Arcade FightStick: Arcade Edition model. Available for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 gaming consoles, this model incorporates the ProModule component system for d-pad and thumbstick interchangeability. This enables users to tailor the controller's layout for each individual game, helping them achieve a more efficient and ultimately more successful style of play. Removable top and side faceplates provide further customization options, allowing gamers to apply team colors or clan designs when gaming competitively. For users who prefer or are used to heavier controllers, the unit is equipped with an integrated weighting system that can add up to 70 grams to it's most ergonomic areas for a firmer, more ergonomic feel. A 3-meter ProCable is also included that utilizes a reinforced braided design, aiming to significantly reduce intermittence or latency in high-risk scenarios. The cable screws in, and is fully detachable so as to maximize lifespan when not in use. In addition, the Pro Controller ships with a protective ProCase to prevent accidental damage to the unit and its accessories during travel.

  • Available for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles 
  • Approved by the Major League Gaming corporation 
  • ProModule swappable d-pad/thumbstick components 
  • High-quality 3-meter ProCable 
  • Removable top and side faceplates 
  • Includes ProCase protector 
  • Includes 4 analog sticks and 2 d-pads 
  • Integrated weighting system 
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