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The Maclaren Grand Tour LX is an upscale 3-wheel stroller for parents who like to customize their stroller.

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lots of unique extras such as headlights, clock, thermometer and speedometer

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very comfortable for the little one, can easily fall asleep in it

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ride is smooth and steady, glides over bumps and the bulk prevents sharp starts/stops

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colors are bright and vibrant, well-designed upholstery

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"1 hand fold" is very awkward, takes quite a bit of effort

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very heavy and bulky, not easy to lift into or out of the trunk

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bulk makes it difficult to maneuver

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basket doesn't hold much beyond the basic essentials

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The Maclaren Grand Tour LX is an upscale 3-wheel stroller for parents who like to customize their stroller. An upgrade from the Maclaren Grand Tour, the Maclaren Grand Tour LX adds along a bevy of features such as a wireless device with an integrated sensor that measures time and distance traveled, a console with a clock & thermometer, a luggage tag, a cup holder, and safety lights with a remote control. Like its predecessor, the Grand Tour LX is also outfitted with a front and rear wheel suspension, an ergonomically optimized height-adjustable handle, and foot-operated linked parking breaks. In addition, the Grand Tour LX sports a Tour Lie Seat that faces both forward and back, a height-adjustable shoulder harness, and a coordinating head hugger. Plus, the Grand Tour LX boasts a mosquito net and raincover for protecting one’s child, not to mention a soft carry cot for infants and an extra large removable shopping basket for bringing along essential supplies and equipment. The Grand Tour LX retails for $899.95 and is best suited for children between 1 day and 540 days old. Lastly, the Maclaren Grand Tour comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

  • 3-Wheel
  • Front/Rear Wheel Suspension
  • Height-Adjustable Handle
  • Wireless Device w/Sensor
  • Console Clock & Thermometer
  • Foot-Operated Breaks
  • Tour Lie Seat
  • Mosquito Net & Raincover
  • Carry Cot
  • Luggage Tag
  • Cup Holder
  • Safety Lights w/Remote
  • Shopping Basket
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
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