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The M-Audio Studiophile AV30 speaker pair is a mid-grade desktop set designed with pure audiophiles in mind.

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solid construction

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stunning sound for the price

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black foam base to reduce vibration at louder volumes

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interchangeable speaker-wire interconnect (not soldered / fixed)

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attractive price point for the majority of listening-only consumers

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small and compact

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RCA inputs - most common audio interconnect

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easily accessible headphone output, AUX input (located on the left speaker's front panel, next to the illuminated volume control)

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M-Audio is a well known manufacturer of high quality studio audio monitors

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the same 3/4" tweeters as the AV40

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a little small - cannot overcome the fact that bigger *is* better when it comes to the creation of a fuller sound / bass

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uses a cheaper amplifier than that found on the much loved AV40

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lacks 1.25" inputs - common standard used on recording audio equipment

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The M-Audio Studiophile AV30 speaker pair is a mid-grade desktop set designed with pure audiophiles in mind. The set includes two high-fidelity 15-watt-per-channel speakers. Each AV30 speaker unit includes a 3" composite woofer and a 3/4" ferro-fluid cooled dome tweeter. The M-Audio AV30 speaker set is specifically optimized for all types of computer audio including music, movies and games. The set comes with integrated M-audio technology which the company claims is used by "pros in studios all around the world". The body cabinet of each speaker is designed with an angled frame and is composed of wood construction with an integrated bass boost structure as well. The tight and accurate low frequency response provides warm sound including crisp highs and very clear mids and lows. Optimage III wave technology ensures the enhanced and superior output of stereo sound.

The M-Audio StudioPhile AV30 speaker pair includes additional features such as magnetic shielding for enhanced protection, a lightweight and portable design, a set of RCA inputs, a 1/8” headphone output, a 1/8” stereo auxiliary input, front panel volume, on/off and bass boost controls, and stylish blue LED power indicator lights.

  • Mid-grade desktop speaker pair
  • Two high-fidelity 15 watt-per-channel speakers
  • Angled body cabinet design with wooden construction and integrated bass boost structure
  • Optimage III wave technology support
  • Magnetic shielding for enhanced protection
  • Inputs: RCA inputs, 1/8” headphone output, 1/8” stereo auxiliary input
  • Front panel volume, bass boost and on/off controls
  • Blue LED power indicator lights
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