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The M-Audio ProKeys 88 is a mid-cost musical keyboard.

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piano sound is high definition and realistic

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has a professional fit and finish, understated design

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MIDI interface connects right away, no special settings required

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physical feedback from the keys gives a substantial, "real piano" feel

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included sounds other than piano vary from mediocre to poor quality

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keys are over-weighted and can seem tough to press for some

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lacks fine touch response, tends to be a little imprecise

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The M-Audio ProKeys 88 is a mid-cost musical keyboard. M-Audio promotes the ProKeys 88 as the best digital stage piano value on the market. This keyboard has eighty-eight keys. The keys are hammer-action, which means they are meant to duplicate the experience of playing an acoustic piano. The ProKeys 88 has a 64MB sound bank, which allows you to store many sounds away. There are fourteen instrument sounds built in. With this keyboard's split/layer capability, you can have more than one sound going at a time. The ProKeys 88 also has built in effects such as chorus and reverb. This keyboard has built-in MIDI controller functionality, allowing communication with all standard MIDI gear. The USB MIDI interface allows you to connect to your MAC or PC. This means that you can record onto your computer using MIDI software. The M-Audio ProKeys 88 keyboard is equipped with a quarter inch headphone jack.

  • 88 keys
  • Hammer-action keys
  • 3-layer stereo grand piano sound
  • 64MB sound bank
  • 14 instrument sounds built in
  • Built-in MIDI controller functionality
  • Pitch wheel
  • Modulation wheel
  • Expression pedal input
  • Two footswitch inputs
  • Split/layer capabilities
  • PC/MAC connectivity
  • 1/4" stereo headphone jack
  • Program change button
  • Channel button
  • Bank MSB
  • Bank LSB
  • Built-in chorus
  • Built-in reverb
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