High Capacity, 10400mAh of capacity. Charges all iPhone four to five times, a Galaxy S3 thrice, or an iPad / iPad 2 once.

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Keep connecting, keep simple. Time is limited, but things needed to be done are so many. Lumsing aims at helping you release your time and enjoy wonderful life. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is this device charged? How long does it take to fully charge? Is charging cable provided? If not, what is required to do so?

    Very good, 5 hours, come with cable

  • Which output connection is recommended for the iPhone 5, the 1A or 2.1A?

    Shouldn't matter. 2.1 will just charge your phone faster.

  • Will it charge iPad 3?

    Yes it works like a charm. It can charge an iPad 3 as long as you have the cable,USB to apple 30 pin) It didn't have any issues with my iPad mini and a Galaxy S3 both at the same time.

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  • High Capacity,10400mAh of capacity. Charges all iPhone four to five times, a Galaxy S3 thrice, or an iPad / iPad 2 once.
  • Made with high quality Li-ion battery and premium microchips, within CE, FCC, ROHS certification ensures reliability; 500 + recharge cycles over the life of the battery.
  • 4 LED indicators reveal the battery level; One indicator represents 25% of remaining power. Input: Micro USB 5V 1.5A; Two Output: USB 5V 1A&5v 2.1A ensure charge two devices the same time to enjoy simple life .
  • Stylish& portable harmonica style design; ergonomic design for easy handle by one hand; The UV craft, high wear-resisting; The side wire drawing process,the product more high-grade
  • Multiple protection system inside for safety. It's designed for avoiding overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit to ensure reliability.PERFECT for long plane flights, road trips, or whenever you need to charge your mobile devices wherever you are.
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Charge the Power bank

It can be recharged by computer or any sort of 5V wall plug which has a USB socket. 
Full Charging by 5V 1.5A Adapter need 6.5 hours, if your adapter is below 1.5A, it will charge longer. 

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Popular Compatible Models

USB Output - 5V/1A &5V/2.1A Designed for iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Nokia, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson cell phones 

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  • Black
  • Champagne Gold
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