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It features a five inch 480 x 480 SolarMax display with 256 colors for clear photographic style images of the river bed.

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easy to capture waypoints - are stored on a microSD card for later review

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Includes world reference background map or 3000 lake maps in US version

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Waterproof/Suitable for saltwater use

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TrackBack function scrolls back sonar history for review and to set waypoints

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beautiful structure and fish detail

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Stores 3000 way points, 100 routes and 100 plot trails

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dual frequency split-screen allows for both wide and detailed coverage

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small, easy to mount transducer

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transducer could break off easily in overgrown areas

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The Lowrance Elite-5 DSI is a GPS enabled fishfinder with down scan sonar imaging that was revealed at the July 2010 ICAST show where it received Best Electronics award. It features a five inch 480 x 480 SolarMax display with 256 colors for clear photographic style images of the river bed and it also distinguishes between lower and upper Thermoclines or temperature layers in the water where fish can be found. Details like whether the bottom is hard or soft and fish activity at the bottom can be seen, while large fish, schools of small fish and vegetation are visually defined. Changes in the surface like ledges and drop offs, wrecks and debris are also revealed. Dual coverage lets you switch from 455kHz for a wide deep sonar image, or 800kHz for viewing specific locations in more detail. The device transmits 500W RMS and 4000W peak-to-peak power which tested to a depth of 200ft / 61m while maintaining image accuracy at up to 40mph, although optimal speed for best images is 8mph or less. Images are received via the transducer with built-in temperature sensor that can be mounted under the boat or to the trolling motor using an optional bracket. 16 channel GPS antenna is mounted internally in the fishfinder and may be connected to an optional external antenna. 2GB microSD card with Navionics Gold chart cards are included in the Elite-5 DSI Gold version which contain maps for US coastal regions and Canadian coastal and inland areas. The basic model does have a microSD card slot however so you can add maps later on.



  • Display Size 5 in \ 127 mm
  • Display Resolution 480x480 (H x W)
  • Display Type 256-color SolarMAX TFT
  • Backlighting Fluorescent cold cathode
  • Backlighting Levels Adjustable screen/keypad
  • Languages Supported 23

Sonar / Sounder

  • Sonar Frequency 455/800 kHz
  • Transducer Type Exclusive Lowrance dedicated down-looking sonar imaging crystal innovation; high-speed low-profile with built-in water surface temperature sensor; transom or trolling-motor mounting
  • Sonar Output Power Max Peak-to-peak 4000W / RMS 500 W
  • Sonar Depth Max 200 ft \ 61 m
  • Sonar Imaging Speed Up to 40 mph/64 kph tracking bottom (pre-release prototypical)
  • Optimum imaging
  • Sonar Alarms: Fish, Max and Min Depth Yes
  • Depth Alarm Yes
  • Shallow Alarm Yes
  • Temperature Display Yes

GPS / Navigation

  • GPS Antenna Type Internal high-sensitivity WAAS + EGNOS + MSAS (optional external antenna)
  • GPS Receiver Channels 16 channels
  • Background Map World reference basemap or (U.S. models) over 3,000 enhanced lake maps with depth contour and shoreline detail, plus coastal shoreline detail with offshore depth contours to 1,000 ft./305 m and spot depth soundings
  • Custom Mapping Optional microSD media card format: Navionics Gold (U.S. & worldwide) Fishing Hot Spots and LakeMaster (U.S.)
  • Waypoint Storage 3000
  • Routes 100
  • Plot Trails 100 retraceable plot trails/up to 10,000 points per trail
  • GPS Alarms Yes

Networking / Connectors

  • NMEA Output NMEA 0183

Technical / Environmental

  • Built-in Backup Memory Yes
  • Waterproof Standard Sealed and waterproof, suitable for saltwater use
  • Width 6.9 in \ 174 mm
  • Height 5.4 in \ 136 mm
  • Depth 2.5 in \ 63 mm


  • Power Supply 10-17 vDC


  • Memory Card Capable One (1) waterproof microSD card slot
  • Other Features Unique TrackBack feature offers immediate scroll-back to review multiple pages of sonar imaging history with cursor, plus mark/save waypoints to GPS memory for display and future return.
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08/08/2011 11:09

How do you use the trackback feature and how do you set the sonar to 800 khz? I have this unit but have been unable to utilize its full potential. Thanks in advance, G

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