The Louisville Slugger SBXTE Triton End Load is a 3-Piece composite material bat.

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The Louisville Slugger SBXTE Triton End Load is a 3-Piece composite material bat.  Like the other 'Triton' series bats, the End Load uses Bubble Transition Zone Technology to add strength to the handle and transition area, bond the barrel and handle to increase stiffness, and increase the overall integrity of the bat.  The barrel is 12 inches long to increase the Sweetspot, while End Load Technology adds weight to the tip of the barrel to improve swinging weight and power transition.  Unlike the Triton Balanced, only the end of the barrel is weighted, not the entire structure, reducing swing balance in favour of power.  The End Load's multilayered graphite design is cut in precise angles to increase performance.  The bat is USSSA, NSA, ISF and ISA approved. Not ASA approved.

The long barrel combined with the end weight produces increased power and extra swing control.  The Triton is made with a specific and unique computer designed pattern to position the angles of the bat, maximizing it's performance.  Comes with a 1 year warranty.

Key Features 
  • End Weight Design
  • 3-Piece Composite Materials
  • BT Zone Technology
  • Increased Sweet Spot
  • Approved by:  USSSA / NSA / ISF / ISA
  • Not ASA Approved
  • Length / Weight: 34"/26oz, 34"/27oz
  • 1 Year Warranty
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