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The Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra are soccer shoes built for high performance.

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Comes with a good amount of accessories, including 2 additional inserts, a shoe horn and a small carrying bag.

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Unique, lace-less styling looks great.

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ReactiveArch technology is very supportive, offers a high degree of impact resistance.

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Outsole material tends to scuff very easily.

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Sizing runs about a half size too big.

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Never quite feel tight enough up near the ankle.

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Long break-in period--take quite a while to mold to your feet.

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The Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra are soccer shoes built for high performance. The microfiber upper uses Lace Less technology, allowing the shoe to hold on to the foot without laces. This gives the player an improved feel for the ball and better control. A Reactive Insole uses a series of ridges to massage the foot, which improves circulation and the absorption of acids that can build up during exercise. ReactiveArch technology is used to absorb the impact when the foot lands, and release that force at the most effective time giving an elastic return. Heel Control in the upper around the ankle controls the way the foot lands to avoid injury, and a Puntoflex system allows for controlled flexing of the shoe to give an elastic return. A Twist'nGo device at the forefoot penetrates the ground and allows the shoe to pivot around it, allowing wearers to turn while keeping the ankle aligned and keeping their balance.

  • Size: 6-13
  • Water-repellent microfiber upper
  • Lace Less technology
  • Removable anatomical insole
  • Reactive Insole (RI)
  • ReactiveArch technology
  • Twist'nGo technology
  • Heel Control (HCTL)
  • Puntoflex (FLX)
  • Pebax sole
  • Soft grounds, Firm grounds
Color Options
  • White / Metal Blue Night
  • Black / Bright White
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