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The Logitech G27 Racing Wheel is a fully featured premium racing wheel.

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powerful force feedback to give a more realistic experience

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customizeable buttons on the steering wheel come in handy

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very little noise when turning the wheel, a good improvement over the Logitech G25 racing wheel

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gear shifter feels and sounds natural as you work with it

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leather cover on the wheel feels high-quality, big improvement over plastic wheels

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pedals are adjustable to your size and style

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in some games the force feedback makes it very difficult to keep the wheel straight

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lots of cables to account for when you've set everything up

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The Logitech G27 Racing Wheel is a fully featured premium racing wheel. Compared to the Driving Force GT the G27 provides a host of additional features along with a higher price. These features includes a dual motor force feedback system which provides a more accurate and powerful feedback during a race and 16 programmable buttons plus D-pad allowing users to map useful game functions to convenient locations. The G27 also uses higher quality materials, for example the wheel is wrapped in real hand stitched leather, the pedals are all made from steel, and steel ball bearings are used to support the wheel shaft. The G27 has 2 methods for gear shifting, standard 6 speed shifter and a paddles shift behind the wheel similar to that of Formula 1 and premium automobiles. As with the Driving Force GT, there are several popular games that were designed with Logitech driving wheels in mind, this includes Gran Turismo 5 (and GT5 Prologue), Need For Speed: SHIFT, and Midnight Club Los Angeles.

Features / Specifications
  • Compatible with: PC / PS2 / PS3
  • Dual-motor Force feedback
  • 900-degree wheel rotation
  • 11 inch real leather rim
  • RPM/shift indicator LEDs
  • Gas, brake, and clutch pedals (Steel)
  • 6 speed stick shift, addle shifter
  • 16 programmable buttons plus D-pad
  • One piece wheel construction
  • hard points for bolting on to tables and other surfaces
  • Custom tuned for popular games
  • Optical encoding
  • PC compatible software
  • 1 year warranty
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