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The Logitech Driving Force GT is a wheel for both PlayStation 3 and PC racing games.

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retractable spikes on the bottom of the pedals help it anchor securely on a carpet

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reproduces all the buttons found on the controller, nothing missing

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pedal plate is big and sturdy, good for larger feet

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solid build quality, everything feels stable with no flex

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steering wheel is full-sized, doesn't feel like a toy

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gear shifter is reliable and easy to work with

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resistance on the pedals feels natural and comfortable

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pedals are a bit too upright for sitting in a chair

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gear shifter clicks into position like a game controller instead of a car's shifter

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The Logitech Driving Force GT is a wheel for both PlayStation 3 and PC racing games. Several games were designed specifically for use with Logitech's racing wheels including Gran Turismo 5, Need For Speed: SHIFT, and Mid Night Club Los Angeles. As with previous Logitech wheels, the key selling point of the Driving Force GT is that it has force feedback meaning you will feel resistance on the wheel during a game as if you were really driving a car (only supported by certain games). Other features includes 900-degrees wheel rotation which simulates a real race card, 24 position adjustment dial for car settings adjustments during a race, and the wheel itself is designed and manufactured to be comfortable and sturdy. The driving force GT comes with gas and brake paedals as well as a built in sequential stick shift. Even for games that were not designed specifically for the Driving Force GT, Logitech's provided software can ensure that it is compatible.

Features / Specifications
  • Compatible with: PC / PS2 / PS3
  • Force feedback
  • 900-degree wheel rotation
  • 11 inch rubber overmold rim
  • 23 position adjustment dial
  • Gas and brake pedals
  • Sequential stick shift
  • One piece wheel construction
  • Custom tuned for popular games
  • Optical encoding
  • PC compatible software
  • 1 year warranty
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