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At first glance, this piece from Logitech might not look like a computer peripheral.

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design allows room for rear cables

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allows for better airflow under the laptop, keeps it cool

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rubber feet grip hard surfaces well, keep the laptop sturdy

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reduces clutter on the desk, makes the laptop use a smaller footprint

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lets you store something under the laptop, keeps things tidy

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sturdy build, doesn't flex or warp even with heavier laptops

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works with pretty much any laptop or notebook

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doesn't make a loud sliding noise when you move it around

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holds the laptop at an angle that's a bit awkward for typing

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At first glance, this piece from Logitech might not look like a computer peripheral, but once you see it in context, it becomes clear that its unique styling is actually functional as well. It functions as a laptop stand when you want to use your laptop screen but not your keyboard. By providing an angled ledge, your laptop screen is able to sit at eye level, allowing you to connect a regular keyboard to your laptop and maintain proper posture and ergonomically superior arm distance at the same time. The option is a great alternative to docking stations as it gives you a great mix of both worlds - you're able to use your high-resolution laptop screen, while allowing you to also be more productive with a standard keyboard. Logitech has ensured a secure design as well with rubber feet to anchor the stand to the table. It works with all Apple and PC notebooks.

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06/28/2007 03:11

I didnt even know of a product like this, but I NEED it ASAP.

06/27/2007 11:50

For someone who doesn't own a desktop and does get sick of using a laptop's keyboard at times...this is perfect! Now I just have to buy a wireless keyboard and this and I'm set!

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