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The Logitech Wireless Mouse M515 is a lower-mid cost offering.

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slower click and speedy smooth scrolling wheel options

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hand-recognition - won't move your cursor or register clicks if it doesn't sense your full hand

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good build quality

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crazy 2-year battery life

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quality matte finish

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plug and play on Mac and Windows, additional driver software available for fine tweaking on Windows

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button below scroll wheel has no default action - couldn't this be a third mouse button by default?

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clicking down the mouse wheel switches scroll type - not a third mouse button!

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no side browsing buttons

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The Logitech Wireless Mouse M515 is a lower-mid cost offering. This mouse runs on Logitech's 2.4Ghz wireless technology (featuring a unifying receiver), which offers fast data transmission and virtually no delays or dropouts. The Wireless Mouse M515 will give you about two years of battery life on a pair of AAs. This is partially because of this mouse's hand detection feature, which ensures that your mouse is only active when you are gripping it, staying asleep when you are not using it. The easy-gliding base of this mouse allows you to use it on couches, carpets, and other unconventional surfaces. The bottom of the Wireless Mouse M515 is sealed, so that fuzz will not collect in the sensor opening if you use the mouse in odd places. As this mouse supports hyper-fast scrolling, you can coast smoothly and quickly through long blogs or social networking feeds. This mouse comes with a three year limited hardware warranty. There are color options available for the Logitech Wireless Mouse M515.

  • Color options
  • Windows/MAC compatible
  • 3 year limited hardware warranty
  • Logitech Unifying receiver
  • Sealed bottom
  • Hand detection
  • Easy-gliding base
  • 2 AA batteries
  • User documentation
  • Tilt wheel
  • 2 year battery life
  • 2.4GHz wireless
Color Options
  • Blue - 910-001842
  • Silver - 910-001840
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