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The Logitech Trackman Marble is a trackball designed for all-day comfortable use.

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easy to clean, gives good access to everything for a quick wipe-down

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hand feels comfortable, good ergonomic design

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very easy to set up, just plug it in and it works

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able to click the buttons easily while moving the ball in a controlled fashion

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offers accurate control over the cursor

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fast response, no noticeable lag

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feels stable and capable of handling quick movements

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ball falls out pretty easily

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The Logitech Trackman Marble is a trackball designed for all-day comfortable use. It features an ambidextrous design to enable switching from one hand to another as needed while still being contoured to feel more comfortable. The base is designed to stay in one place, saving space on the desk and enabling it to rest on a number of surface types. Forward and backward buttons are integrated to enable quick page flipping when surfing the web. The trackball itself is designed to have the right balance of resistance and fluid motion to work accurately for control of the cursor by the user's fingertips. Marble optical technology enables smooth tracking on almost any surface except for clear glass and mirrors.

  • Ambidextrous trackball design
  • Stable base
  • Your hand stays comfortable all day long with this stay-put design. Plus, it saves you space.
  • Convenient button controls
  • Fingertip-based control
  • MarbleĀ® optical technology
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.4 or later compatible
  • USB port connection
  • 3-year limited hardware warranty
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