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Introduced in late August 2006, the MX Revolution is a luxury wireless mouse from Logitech.

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Smooth tracking.

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includes a recharge station

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laser based - more accurate and less annoying than optical

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Microgear wheel is useful

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very ergonomic design - contours perfectly to your hand

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3-year warranty

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thumb wheel helps move between applications and documents

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Every button is customizable with included software

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won a CES innovation award in 2007

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Looks a million bucks

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Free-wheeling mouse wheel is great for scrolling long web pages

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quite expensive

12 agree

Scroll wheel isn't a middle click, it goes into a free-wheeling mode. Not a "Real" Con but different.

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800 DPI provides poorer accuracy compared to newer mice

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SetPoint software sometimes buggy, heavy

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Scroll wheel eventually sticks, due to dirty and rubber expansion.

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uses 2.4GHz RF band, prone to/creates wireless interference

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battery cannot be replaced, you have to be without a mouse until logitech replaces it (unless you DIY voiding your warranty/after warranty period)

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Primary button may not register normal clicks or double-clicks instead after a few years of usage and wear

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On a dirty surface the feet wear very quickly. (best use on a good mousepad that only polli)

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Introduced in late August 2006,  the MX Revolution is a luxury wireless mouse from Logitech. The desktop version of the portable VX Revolution, the MX Revolution includes such features as an 800 DPI laser sensor, 2.4GHz wireless capability, low latency transmitter/receiver, and 6 fully programable buttons. With such helpful productivity enhancing features as a thumb scroll wheel which is set up to scroll through running programs and documents and 'One Touch Search', a button that helps you find programs, documents and contacts as fast as possible, the Logitech MX Revolution is perfect for those who desire a high quality wireless mouse for work environments.

  •  2.4GHz wireless transmitter / USB receiver
  • 6 programmable buttons
  • Hyper fast scrolling (indefinite scroll), and thumb scroll
  • Includes charging dock
Post Review
10/06/2009 09:08

My advice with this mouse is to download ├╝beroptions, it gives you way more freedom to change the options and customize the buttons for any piece of software.
 This makes it a great working mouse in specialized an advanced software. (and even gaming)

The mouse-feed tent to wear very quickly of a dirty surface, but when used on a good and clean surface they get pollished and result in really smooth sliding. When you wear them out, you can send local Logitech a mail, at leas here in Europe they send you new feed for free.

PS. The silver search button behind the scrollweel is usefull as a middle-mouse-button if you (like me) don't want to lose the scrollmode-switching. But it is a little to far back to be easy to use. So if you need it a lot in a program, it is best to assign one of the 'back/forward' buttons as middle-mouse-button for the specific program.

06/04/2009 04:53

I have gone through two of these mice and I have had the same problem with both of them. The first one on my system was great up until about a year after I purchased it when I noticed the motion starting to lag and also sometimes when trying to select something the mouse would automatically release the drag - very annoying! It progressively got worse and I ended up sending it in to Logitech under warranty. Logitech said it was defective and replaced it and everything was good again. So now it's been about a year since I've been using the replacement and I'm starting to notice a lag again that is again progressively getting worse. The good thing is that Logitech does give a 3 year warranty on the mouse but it's a pain to have to send it in again. I really love the mouse cause it's really functional, quick to respond (usually), looks nice, fits my hand perfectly...I just don't know what's up with the lagging problem.

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