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The Logitech M310 is an entry-level wireless optical mouse released as an upgrade from the M215.

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ambidextrous design - suitable for both right and left-handed users

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no software required - truly a plug-and-play device

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the wireless receiver is small enough to stay in a free USB port, even during travel

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Invisible Optic laser - zero visible light radiation emitted

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"Easy Open" pull-tab allows packaging to be removed without scissors

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all major operating system versions supported, including Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X 10.4+

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a single AA battery can last up to 12 months compared to 2-3 months with competing mice

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not suitable for intensive PC gaming - lacks the accuracy commonly required

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no manual in the box - only a quick start guide is included

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The Logitech M310 is an entry-level wireless optical mouse released as an upgrade from the M215. The Logitech M310 improves on its predecessor by incorporating a full-size, contoured design with soft rubber grips that feel more comfortable to the hand, especially after many hours of use. Like its counterpart, the M310 relies on a USB nano receiver that uses 2.4Ghz wireless technology to transmit signals from the mouse to a PC and back. Plus it also hosts a low-battery indicator and an on/off switch, but it adds along a 12-month battery life guarantee.

  • Entry-Level Wireless Mouse
  • High-Definition Optical Tracking
  • Full-Size, Contoured Design
  • Comfortable to Hands
  • Advanced 2.4GHz Wireless Technology
  • Compact/Portable Frame
  • Low-Battery Indicator
  • On/Off Switch
  • USB Transceiver
  • 12-Month Battery Life
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • Part Number: PN 910-001675, PN 910-001919
  • Part Number: PN 910-001920, PN 910-001917
  • Compatibility: XP, Vista, 7, Mac, Linux
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Battery: 1 AA
  • Warranty: 3-Year
Post Review
03/31/2013 03:57

Ive had this mouse even since it came out ( 4 years ) and i still works fine for everyday things and gaming. the only problem is that there is the occasional little bit out mouse lag when gaming but thats still pretty good for 4 years of use

12/19/2010 01:18

READ the description people, it's an ENTRY LEVEL WIRELESS MOUSE. Guess what, LOTS of mice are NOT good for gaming, they are NOT MEANT TO BE. You think a Vespa is made for off road racing!?!

11/26/2010 03:17


This is really a crap mouse mainly from Logitech! Before this I used a "noname" Icon7 gamer lazer mouse and when I bought this Logitech M310 and tried to use it on the same surface where I used the Icon mouse without any mouspad the Logitech M310 hardly could move the pointer, it was hardly able to follow the position! This is an expensive turd, not like a laser mouse but a 300dpi standard, conventional Chinese optical mouse! It wrks only on a mousepad.



12/11/2010 04:18

This mouse seems to work on ANY surface for me. It seems fine for non-gaming use.



12/19/2010 01:15

Why is it "mainly" from Logitech, is it sometimes from someone else? If the one you used is truly a gaming mouse then there's no comparison, and it's STUPID to compare something like this to it. Real gaming mouse has a much higher dpi than the rest, 5000-6000 dpi and this is not in that class. By the way that is 800 dpi for conventional mice, to which I'm sure someone like you will say "whatever" being the astute genius that you are, but I realize 3 looks like half of an 8. Might be good to be aware of any dyslexic kind of condition though.



01/06/2011 01:53

Yes, the pointer accuracy is on par with cheap chinese optical mouse. It just does not move as you intending to.



11/07/2011 05:54

after logitech g5 this mouse is not just crappy and an expensive turd it's a freaking nightmare

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