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The Logitech G9 is the corded and upgraded Gaming Mouse from the G7 cordless, featuring on the fly DPI settings up to 3200.

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Macro-recording for both mouse and keyboard input

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On-the-fly profile switching

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Hardware customization including grip and weight

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Macros work under any OS (once created in Windows)

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Not wireless

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The Logitech G9 is the corded and upgraded Gaming Mouse from the G7 cordless, featuring on the fly DPI settings up to 3200, a 1000 Hz USB polling rate, multiple grips, user adjustable weighting system and software profiles to hold & adjust mouse settings in game. The G9 is primarily designed for the hardcore gamer and along its precise operation, it features many customization options geared towards PC gaming. Up to 5 user profiles can be stored in the onboard memory on the mouse itself storing both mouse-click and keystroke macros. The 5-color LED lights on the mouse indicate which profile is currently active.

What's included
  • two different interchangeable grips (Wide Load and Precision)
  • weight cartridge
  • tuning weights and case
  • long user's manual.

The Logitech G9 was first released in September, 2007 and retails for $99.

Post Review
09/23/2008 03:07

I ended up getting a Razer Diamondback myself and I love it - gotta update to the new drivers though which was a hassle. the new drivers and utility app didnt update the old one, it just installed along side and it took me all evening to figure out why my mouse software wasnt updating because the old software took precedence.

Other then that one issue I love my Razer mouse, but I'd say the Logitech one would fill my needs as well. I've been a logitech fan for some time, got great speakers from them on my main PC at the moment, so I'd be confident in trying out this mouse for the second gaming machine in the house.

09/22/2008 11:56

I agree strongly with the above two reviewers. You need rock solid reliability when you are gaming, and a wireless mouse can be thrown off by your cell phone, and other interfering signals. I will never use a wireless mouse for gaming again!

Just got the G9 as a birthday present and am falling in love with it quickly. All of the buttons on the mouse are comfortable to reach and customizable. The resolution is selectable and the weight is adjustable by adding or removing weights from the mouse. There may be other brands that are better (another reviewer mentioned Razer) but i am extremely satisfied with the G9 myself.

02/10/2008 03:38

Exactly. Whoever put "Wired" in cons obviously doesn't know much about gaming mice. The fact that its "wired" should be in the Pro's category.

02/08/2008 04:34

Sounds like they've done a good job - if you're serious about gaming you don't want a cordless mouse (I still have one - and its awful). I'd probably go for one of the mice from Razer first - I've got one of the keyboards and its great and they really know their gaming mice.

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