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The Logitech Wireless Desktop MK700 is a wireless keyboard/mouse set.

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Hyper scroll feature is perfect for spreadsheet users

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2 Tier height adjustment for the keyboard, a good ergonomic addition

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Logitech's set point software allows the user to customise the keys as they like it

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Very long battery life, even compared to other Logitech wireless products

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Palm rest is comfortable and is made from durable materials

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The mouse's hyper scroll / standard scroll switch is on the bottom of the mouse

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Right handed only mouse (albeit a good one), Logitech should perhaps offer a left handed version as well, considering they do have a left handed version of the mouse sold individually

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The Logitech Wireless Desktop MK700 is a wireless keyboard/mouse set. The keyboard features Incurve keys, which are concaved and include softly rounded edges that help reduce finger stress. Included also is a guaranteed three-year battery lifespan; a set of media playback controls; and a one-line LCD dashboard that displays the remaining battery life. The mouse, on the other hand, utilizes a sculpted and narrow shape and sports six buttons, including a scroll dial, the left/right hand clickers, an application shortcut key, and two forward/back buttons. It too hosts a battery indicator, but its battery life is limited to only 12 months.

Additional Information

Both the keyboard and mouse rely on a single USB Unifying Receiver to stay permanently connected to a PC.

  • Wireless Keyboard w/Incurve Keys
  • Wireless Mouse w/Hyper-Scrolling
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Battery Indicators
  • Long Battery Lives
  • Single USB Receiver
  • Part Number: 920-001763
  • Compatibility (Win): 7, Vista, XP
  • Warranty: 5-Year Limited
Package Contents
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • USB 2.4GHz Mini-Receiver
  • 4 AA Alkaline Batteries
  • User Documentation
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