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The Logitech Wave keyboard aims to take comfort to heart with a patented design.

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programmable keys for favorite applications

6 agree

Very quiet

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Comfortable on your wrists

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Ergonomic-like design without the split

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Wireless version available

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Mouse and Keyboard are connected to the same transmitter in the wireless version so you can't separate them.

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not a fully ergonomic keyboard

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Hands can feel a bit cramped

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Some keys like page up/down are in a weird location

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The Logitech Wave keyboard aims to take comfort to heart with a patented design that strives to mimic the natural placement of your hands and fingers on the keyboard. Although the design is meant to make typing for long periods of time more comfortable, Logitech is not claiming this keyboard to be ergonomic but rather a comfort keyboard, so if you have carpal tunnel issues, you may not find this keyboard suitable. The keys form a U shape with variable height difference, depending on the natural length of your fingers. Your shorter pinky fingers that rest on the 'A' and semi-colon are slightly raised and the key height shifts gradually from there. The overall keyboard is raised (in the wave pattern) towards the middle keys - 'G', 'H', etc. Logitech's wave keyboard competes with Microsoft's Natural version, although Microsoft chose to go with a split version whereas the Logitech focuses solely on the wave pattern. This keyboard is also fully compatible with Microsoft's Windows Vista, incorporating new features like Flip 3D, Zoom, Photo Gallery and Gadgets.

  • Cushioned and contoured palm rest
  • uniform-sized keys
  • programmable F keys for favorite applications
  • certified for Windows Vista
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01/03/2011 01:20

amazing keyboard not much else to say. I've owned mine for around 1 and a half years now, the keys don't bash when I type each word its soo soft. Wireless length maybe around 10 Feet. I would buy this again anytime. Mouse (wireless) also has a back - forward button(s) on left and right sides of the mouse to browse the internets, I also downloaded logitechs software and turned the window switcher button to open up a webpage. 10/10

05/26/2008 03:35

I just got this keyboard and so far it's been ok. I'm not used to ergonomically designed keyboards at all, I still work best on a standard old-school model, so I'm finding this one a little hard to get used to. It's really quiet though, which I appreciate. I don't know if it's just me, but I'm finding my wrist is bent at a weird angle. Maybe it's the pad at the base that's making me so aware of my wrist, making me rest it at a weird angle.

08/13/2007 12:08

I have the MS Natural 4000 and I love the split; it has saved my wrists. Maybe this keyboard is a good compromise for those not wanting to commit to the split.

08/01/2007 12:56

yeah i find the split keyboard pretty odd too... just bought a microsoft keyboard like this for a friend. The "Comfort Curve 2000".

07/31/2007 12:13

I'm not a fan of the split keyboard design (I just can't get used to it) so this seems like a good compromise.

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