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Introduced at CES 2009, the G19 is a high end gaming keyboard from Logitech.

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full colour LCD screen displays system information, game statistics or the time

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two powered USB 2.0 ports for easy use of peripherals and transfering data / powering mobile devices

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can disable Windows key from disrupting gameplay

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programmable macro keys - up to 36 macros through 12 individual keys

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Backlight can change to any color you would like, you can even have the 3 different sets of macro buttons be different backlight colors

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Light switch, for if you sleep with your computer on at night, you simply press the button and your G19 goes 'dark'

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very expensive for a keyboard

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screen has become gimmicky - nobody wants to watch YouTube clips on their keyboard

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AC power cord increases cabling and could be logistics problem when keyboard is used at unfamiliar location.

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not that innovative over the G15 or Razer brand keyboards

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Introduced at CES 2009, the G19 is a high end gaming keyboard from Logitech. Featuring a tiltable full colour LCD screen with a resolution of 320x240 and its own controls, the G19 can display statistics about your system, the time of day, a custom background or even YouTube videos. The keyboard also features less flashy gamer-class features, such as 12 fully programmable macro keys that can complete up to 36 complex actions, media keys, a game mode that disables the Windows key, a backlight for playing in the dark and multi-key input - which allows the keyboard to respond to up to 5 key presses at a time. The G19 also features two powered USB 2.0 ports for use with any peripherals or mobile devices that require charging. Priced at $199.99, the G19 will ship sometime in March.

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