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The Logitech G15 is a gaming keyboard with Macros support and a backlit LCD.

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Display is quite useful

12 agree

Lots of macro keys for those who use them

10 agree

Windows keys can be disabled

10 agree

Nice keystroke feel

8 agree

Lighted keys

6 agree

2 usb inputs (not powered though, but it still has them, i consider this a pro more then a con)

4 agree

Easy to use drivers

3 agree

Re-arranged rollover to prevent ghosting with WASD keys.

1 agrees

less macro keys than original g15

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USB ports are NOT powered

6 agree

Very large footprint

3 agree

Less macro keys than G11 or original G15

3 agree

Keys can stick if finger is not centered on them while pushing down

2 agree

Re-arranged rollover that may create ghosting with other key settings.

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The Logitech G15 is a gaming keyboard with Macros support and a backlit LCD. It has been a flagship for Logitech for years until the version 2 was released. It has good (though picky about finger positioning) key action, a nice backlight that can be turned off and an LCD screen which displays all sorts of useful information. The G15s LCD allows you to check system info like GPU/CPU temp, memory usage, CPU usage etc. Also viewable are chats,  emails and more... Most importantly, it will dispaly gaming info like bulletcount, K/D ratio and so on. The G15 has 18 macro keys that can be programmed with 3 sets of macros each. This is a very useful function for some gamers, but also multitaskers and powerusers. Overall the Logitech G15 is well built, feature rich and should not be overlooked by anyone in the marked for a new gaming keyboard. The G15 was updated in 2007 known as the "Logitech G15 v2" (see image), whereas the original G15 looks like this.

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