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The Logitech USB Headset H530 is a high end headset designed to filter out distortion.

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integrated volume dial controls the computer's system volume - not just headset volume

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good enough to be used for casual music listening

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driverless - truly plug and play for Windows XP/7

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good microphone - much better than the integrated solutions found in laptops

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build quality - sturdy design with a long cord

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shallow ear cups - the user's ears will likely touch the inner mesh

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shallow bass response

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fairly heavy - can be uncomfortable for some users

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The Logitech USB Headset H530 is a high end headset designed to filter out distortion. It uses laser-tuned drivers, which are analysed and adjusted during manufacturing in order to remove as much distortion as possible for a clear signal. Super wideband audio is used as well, creating audio with voice services like Skype that sound as clear as if the user was in the same room. The connection is a pure digital USB, rather than analog with an adapter, allowing a clear digital signal with plug-and-play connection. Equalization is handled through a switch on the headset itself, allowing quick selection of settings for Internet calls, music, or PC gaming. Volume and mute functions are also accessed through on-ear controls, and the ear cups are padded with foam for comfort. The microphone uses noise cancellation technology, and is mounted on a flexible boom for easy positioning.

  • Laser-tuned drivers
  • Pure digital USB
  • Super wideband audio
  • SoundSwitch equalizer
  • Plush headband and ear cups
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • On-ear audio controls
  • Flexible, rotating boom
  • Full stereo sound
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