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The Logitech USB Headset H360 is a mid range stereo headset.

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Natively supports the Skype communication codec - provides instant connectivity with excellent input and output quality

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Recognized natively by Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles - provides auto-configured settings that significantly reduce setup time

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Excellent feature set at the price point - stereo outputting, mic mute switch, volume control and behind-the-head design are all sought-after traits

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Noise-cancelling component is highly effective - users can conduct videoconferences in a public setting with little to no ambient noise interference

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Playback quality is fairly underwhelming - not recommended for users who primarily require a listening headset

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Shape is somewhat awkward/oblong - may cause frustration amongst users who are frequently setting the unit down, as it does not lay flat

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Plastic ear clips tend to cause discomfort if not perfectly seated - not recommended for users who move around a lot when using the headset

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The Logitech USB Headset H360 is a mid range stereo headset. It is connected via USB as opposed to standard 3.5mm jacks, but this is not a disadvantage as software enhancements such as super wideband audio can be used without additional software installation. The microphone has noise canceling features as well as being both flexible and rotatable. The head band itself is fully adjustable and it has pivoting ear pads providing a comfortable fit. Volume for the microphone can be adjusted conveniently via the in-line audio control. Whilst many low/med range headsets only provides single channel sound for voice chat, the H360 has full stereo sound which means it will work well for your conference calls as well as music and games. It comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

Features / Specifications
  • USB Connection
  • Noise canceling microphone
  • In line audio control
  • Flexible rotating boom
  • Adjustable behind the head fit
  • Full stereo sound
  • Super wide band audio
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Driver: 30 mm diameter; neodymium magnet
  • Frequency response: 40 Hz–18 kHz (-10 dB)
  • Impedance: 32 ohm nominal (headphone)
  • Sensitivity: 94 dB SPL Ref: 1 mW (-18.2 dBV = 1 mW), 1 kHz (headphone)
  • Pickup pattern: Unidirectional (cardioid)
  • Frequency response: 100 Hz–10 kHz (microphone)
  • Sensitivity: -44 dBV/Pa re: 0 dB = 1 Pa, 1 kHz (microphone)
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