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The Logitech Gaming Headset G330 is a lightweight headset built for gaming on multiple devices.

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plug and play with no special software needed

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rich and full sound when listening to music

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personal volume controller and mute button are easy to work with

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microphone picks up your voice well, makes you sound clear to everyone

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sound quality is clear and detailed, always catch what people are saying

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above-average comfort, doesn't get sore after a few hours

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enough bass support to satisfy most people

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comes with a USB converter to make sure you can use it with everything

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doesn't fold up, feels like it could break if you just tossed it in a bag with other stuff

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The Logitech Gaming Headset G330 is a lightweight headset built for gaming on multiple devices. It can connect through a standard 3.5 mm headphone and microphone jack, or a USB adapter can be used. The behind-the-head design allows for adjustment for a personalized fit, and uses a silicone-lined headband with pivoting ear pads for increased comfort. The microphone uses noise-canceling technology, automatically filtering out background noise. The microphone is easily adjustable to the exact position required, and can be rotated out of the way when not in use. A volume control and mute switch are built into the cord for quick adjustment, and audio quality is improved with neodymium magnets in the ear pieces. When using the USB adapter, audio is enhanced to give higher highs and lower lows.

  • Adjustable, behind-the-head fit
  • Comfortable design
  • Noise-canceling mic
  • Flexible, rotating boom
  • USB adapter
  • Inline audio controls
  • Durable headband construction
  • Low-profile speaker drivers
  • Optimized EQ
  • Cable management wrap
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