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Introduced in late August 2008, the Squeezebox Boom is a networked alarm clock from Logitech.

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Wireless connectivity - 802.11g

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battery backup in case the power fails

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possibly the nicest alarm clock ever in the world

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high quality speakers

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makes it fun to wake up

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better reception that the classic

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SqueezeCenter is great easy to use software

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no AM/FM or digital over-the-air radio

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no digital out, stuck with the Boom DAC and speakers!

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smaller screen than the Classic (and not all that nice)

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speakers are fixed (limited stereo imaging)

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Introduced in late August 2008, the Squeezebox Boom is a networked alarm clock from Logitech. Featuring the same usability of a regular Squeezebox, the Boom streams music off of a PC with the open source SqueezeCenter installed. Without the advanced analogue and digital connections as the Classic, the Boom opts for two built in high quality speakers and the ability for the user to use the headphone jack as a subwoofer signal cable for those interested in using the boom as a high fidelity stereo system. Great for those sick of low quality speakers and static-y reception on conventional alarm clocks, the Boom replaces the build-your-own-system philosophy of the original Classic and supplies an easy to use high quality system with added alarm clock functionality such as a 7-day wakeup music selection, backup battery and an auto dimming screen.

  •  2 x 15W digitally amplified speakers, use your own subwoofer or listen with headphones
  • includes access to SqueezeNetwork (including services such as Pandora, Rhapsody, Sirius,, Slacker, MP3tunes, RadioTime, Radio IO and Live365.)
  • utilizes the free and open source SqueezeCenter server software for streaming music off of your own PC
  • supports a wide array of formats: MP3, FLAC, WMA, WMA Lossless, AAC, Apple Lossless, WAV, and AIFF
  • features advanced alarm clock functionality: dimming screen, 7-day wakeup music schedule, backup battery
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