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The Ultimate Ears 200vi are noise-isolating earphones by Logitech.

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cord is fairly tangle-free and sturdy

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nice sound isolation, block out everything well

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highs and lows are very pronounced and clear

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on cord controls feel solid and work well

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looks professional and clean with a simple design

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included bag is very small and it is difficult to fit the headphones back in it

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fit isn't extremely secure and can fall out when running

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loud noise from the cord when it lightly brushes against anything

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bass isn't as extremely pronounced as many other headphones, sacrifices power for clarity

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The Ultimate Ears 200vi are noise-isolating earphones by Logitech. Unlike the Ultimate Ears 200 model, these earphones come with sound control buttons on the cord, including a built-in microphone for use with phone calls in addition to music.


Like other noise-isolation earphones in this product chain, cushions are used to form a seal within the ear to cancel outside noise to improve clarity and sound quality from the device in use. Five different ear cushions are included with the earphones, with varying sizes to accommodate the different sizes of ear of each user. A standard 3.5 mm jack is used to connect with devices, and is compatible with almost all portable media including iPods. A protective case is also included for safe transportation while not in use and, failing that, the earphones come with a two year warranty.


Specifications and Features
  • cord length: 115 cm
  • weight: 12 g
  • colors: gray, pink, and blue
  • on-cord sound control panel
  • microphone included on panel
  • noise isolation; 26 dB
  • five differently sized cushions included
  • protective case included
  • 3.5 mm jack
  • 2 year warranty
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