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The Ultimate Ears 200 are low-end, noise-isolating earphones from Logitech.

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includes 6 pairs of tips for finding the best fit and seal

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good amounts of external sound isolation - makes for a safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable listening experience

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available in 3 colours - gray, blue and red

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from a well respected IEM manufacturer

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affordable price point

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not for bass-heads - more neutral / treble focused than most low end earphones

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cheaper looking all plastic build

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lacks the remote / hands-free talking functionality of the 200vi

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The Ultimate Ears 200 are low-end, noise-isolating earphones from Logitech. Their most prominent feature are cushioned pads that sit inside the ear to cancel noise from the outside world to improve sound quality.


These earphones come with five differently sized ear cushions designed to meet the needs of each user's individual ear size. For additional compatibility, the earphones connect to devices with a 3.5 mm jack which is standard for most music hardware including iPods and most portable media players. The earphones are available in three different colors, depending on the user's taste, and come with a protective hard case for storage while not in use. Unlike the Ultimate Ears 200vi version, this model does not have a volume control placed on the cord.


Specifications and Features
  • cord length: 115 cm
  • weight: 11 g
  • colors: gray, pink, and blue
  • noise isolation; 26 dB
  • five differently sized cushions included
  • protective case included
  • 3.5 mm jack
  • 2 year warranty
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