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Identical in purpose to the other remotes in the Harmony Line, the Logitech Harmony 880 offers an excellent balance of features.

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Activity-based control and system state awareness simplifies control of your whole system.

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Color LCD display.

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Rechargeable battery and comes with charging base.

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Extremely easy to program and customize using a PC and the web.

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Fully backlit

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Favorite channels ICONS

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Supplied software syncs between computers allowing setup from multiple pc's

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Smart "help" function for electronically challeged

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Charging base is temperamental at best.

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old-fashioned user interface

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Poor build quality. Buttons fall off / stop working after relatively short lifetime.

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No RF capabilities

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too expensive

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Limited to controlling only 15 devices.

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The update software is an interface to Logitech's servers. This frequently causes issues with updating the remote.

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Identical in purpose to the other remotes in the Harmony Line, the Logitech Harmony 880 offers an excellent balance of features which places it squarely in the upper middle of the Harmony line. It allows you to control more devices than the 6xx and 5xx models but is strictly IR and therefore line of sight as opposed to the RF capabilities of the Harmony 890 and Harmony 1000. In terms of ease of use, the 880 (as well as the rest of the Harmony line) surpasses virtually every other brand of remote available. Presently, only Universal Remote Control Inc offers an equivalent level of ease of system control, however; the brands differ significantly in the features they offer. URC remotes typically allow you to control more devices (up to 255, vs. up to 15 for Harmony) but, they are also generally programmable only by the dealer.

By contrast, the Harmony 880 (and indeed the entire Harmony line) can be programmed by the end user in the comfort of his/her own home using the web and a PC. Among other things, this offers an enhanced level of customization as well as enhancing the users familiarity with their system. Additionally, the Harmony becomes a less expensive purchase since it is less expensive overall and bypasses the expense of having to have an installer come make a house call every time a change is made to the A/V system. Other excellent features include full backlighting, a color LCD display and rechargeable battery with charging station.

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10/11/2010 03:32

Updates are done through software which must connect to Logitech's servers. It's nice to store your settings online, but I've had issues with connecting. Sometimes there is tremendous lag/waiting in order for the remote to register changes. You can adjust the order in which devices are powered on. This can be somewhat difficult to navigate but is crucial in order for the remote to function properly. For example, the device obviously must be powered on before setting to the proper channel. It seems logical for the software to automatically order these settings rather than the user.

Troy McKinnon
10/14/2009 04:18

Stopped charging properly after 2 years. Won't sit correctly in cradle.

03/04/2008 10:13

Big improvement over 688...the buttons are much nicer. I like the web setup interface, though I would guess my girlfirend wouldn't, but then again, she would never get a universal remote. It's well designed, and feels good in the hand. I considered a touch screen model from Harmony and from others, but those are mostly two handed giants. The new logitech harmony one has a touch screen, and could be good, but is pricey.

This is the one gadget/piece of electronics that I own that my woman endorses.

12/13/2007 04:06

Who has more than 15 devices in his home theater?

12/13/2007 03:43

Using the screen to put icons of favorite channels is a BIG plus.

12/13/2007 02:57

I think it's really funny "limited to 15 devices" is listed as a con. Does it support media centers? As in front row or Vista media center?

12/13/2007 02:53

This remote is a dream come true, the software is very intuitive. However the color display is just a "nice to have" but really doesn't help much. The price difference between the blue version and this one (~100$) might not warrant going color.

08/18/2007 11:48

I've made about 8 changes to my system since I purchased this remote, and the 880 has accomodated every one. Presently, the only device in my system it doesn't control is the HTPC, which is a custom build. Since I purchased it, it has virtually eliminated tech support calls from my wife.

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