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Universals remote controls seek to be the only remote you'll need.

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Setup is extremely easy

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Once configured, using the remote is very intuitive

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Community-based: share settings on Logitech's site

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Activity-based: control multiple devices in order

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Online software can be problematic

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Too many Harmony models with minor differentiation

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Not enough programmable buttons for some components (e.g., multidisc DVD)

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LCD screen is only 5 characters long

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Universals remote controls seek to be the only remote you'll need, removing the hassle of dealing with a separate remote for each separate device.  The Harmony 680 is an activity-based remote where you press "Watch TV" and all the components you need to watch your favorite television program turn on and are set up for your viewing enjoyment.  Want to watch a DVD? Press "Watch Movie" and your movie is ready to go.

The Harmony 680 can be operated with only one hand, ergonomically designed to fit comfortably.  Setup is accomplished by connecting the remote to your computer with the included USB cable and selecting your home theater components from the Logitech database. Windows Media Center compatibility comes pre-configured with all the necessary buttons being available. If the online setup can't detect all of your components, or fails in some way, then there's the backup mechanism of manual programming.

The one touch programming is accomplished through using Logitech's Smart State technology that lets the remote remember which devices are in the on and off state, and can toggle them accordingly.

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04/23/2007 08:29

I had to add the Harmony 680 remote to the Produck Wiki because it has made my life easier, controlling all of my home theater components with ease. Setting up components and activities is easy, though tweaking the remote for my personal taste took a bit of time, going back in forth between the web-based set up and seeing how the remote interacted with my components. Logitech support is great if you run into any problems or have a component not in their data base. If you are looking for a remote control, the Harmony 680 is worth checking out and the prices are lower because they have added new products to this line. I have Comcast cable and the 680 buttons suite my DVR box.

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