This set has endless possibilities for parents and children to create and play together.

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With the Little Tikes TikeStix Clubhouse, kids ages four and up can create clubhouses, forts, and nearly anything else they can imagine. The play set's building pieces are designed to fit little hands and are large enough to allow kids to play inside the structures they create. Pieces are easy to connect and have more angles and options than traditional building blocks. With a covering tarp and 45 interlocking pieces, this play set will keep kids engaged for hours.

Kids can build their very own clubhouse or playhouse! Kids can build an endless number of creations with this play set. With the simplicity of building blocks with larger, innovative shapes,kids can play inside their creations! The TikeStix Clubhouse is a great buildable playset for developing critical thinking skills and basic mechanical ability. 

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  • Over 45 interlocking pieces fit together
  • Includes fabric and 6 clips to make a roof
  • Use Indoors and outdoors
  • Create forts, creatures, vehicles and more
  • Build a world big enough for kids to fit in
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Imagine and Build with Interlocking Pieces

TikeStix pieces are as easy to connect, and have more angles and options than traditional building blocks, providing multiple building possibilities. With this set's 45 interlocking pieces, kids can create large structures or separate small creatures or vehicles to play with.

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Build Structures Large Enough to Play In

TikeStix play sets are designed to create a world that kids can fit in. Kids can build forts or clubhouses that are large enough to play in--outside or indoors. The included covering tarp gives kids a roof over their clubhouse or extra privacy in their secret fort.

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Interchangeable Sets Expand the Building Possibilities

Kids can combine the TikeStix Clubhouse with other TikeStix play sets to expand their building possibilities. All TikeStix play sets are interchangeable so kids can create even larger play structures and more creatures and vehicles.

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Sturdy Construction, Designed for Creativity

Little Tikes has designed TikeStix to be versatile and to help kids build nearly anything that they can imagine. The pieces are made of durable plastic, and our testers found that forts and clubhouses built were sturdy and could withstand indoor or outdoor use. The building pieces connect together easily are designed with little hands in mind.

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At a Glance

  • 45 interlocking pieces for construction
  • Multiuse tarp for creating a tent or fort structure
  • Sturdy building pieces that fit little hands
  • Interchangeable set for expanded building possibilities
  • Intended for inside or outdoor use
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Age/Weight Requirements

  • Four years and up
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What's in the Box

  • TikeStix Clubhouse set: 1 covering tarp
  • 16 connector bars
  • 4 large beams
  • 4 small beams
  • 13 multi-connector
  • 4 base connectors
  • 8 tarp clips
  • Instructions
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