The motion sensor adjusts up to 360 has a range up to 70 feet.

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Made of metal

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Sensitive motion sensor

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Bright LED light

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The motion sensor adjusts up to 360 has a range up to 70 feet. Sensitivity and on-time adjustable knobs provide precision control. Tool-free adjustable heads allow for easy aiming up/down or side to side. Rugged cast aluminum, corrosion-resistant housing in white. LEDs maintain 2, 163 lumen output at 50, 000 hour life.

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  • Motion sensor adjusts up to 360 degrees with tool free movement
  • Range up to 70 feet
  • Each head contains 3 high performance LEDs - included
  • Maximum wattage 30
  • 2,163 lumen output at 50,000 hour life
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Style Options

  • Motion Sensor
  • Without Motion Sensor
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Color Options

  • White
  • Black Bronze
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Suggested Applications

Ideal for anywhere you would use a wall pack or PAR holder security light such as coves, loading docks, driveways and building perimeter lighting in light commercial and multi-family applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it attach directly to a standard circular light box like most flood lights?

    Yes, it does. Mine is flush mounted on my outside wall and a circular box.

  • Does the motion sensor can be adjusted such that it turns on if an animal like a cat, dog or raccoon gets near?

    Yes. Just depends on the angle you adjust the sensor.

  • Why Lithonia Lighting LED?

    Energy Savings, Maintenance Savings, Performance and Quality of Light, 24-Hour Performance Ideal for Commercial Applications

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