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Champion of the rails, the new 2013 Pennsylvania Flyer includes a remote control for easy operation and walk around fun.

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Champion of the rails, the new 2013 Pennsylvania Flyer includes a remote control for easy operation and walk around fun. A powerful 0-8-0 leads the rugged freight smoothly around a full 40" X 50" oval of FasTrack.

Champion of the rails, this Pennsylvania Flyer O-Gauge train set includes a remote control for easy operation and walk-around fun.

Behind the electric locomotive, you’ll find a string of rolling stock – including a tank car, a boxcar, and a caboose. And it all operates off Lionel’s handheld LionChief remote control.
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Key Features

Detailed Locomotive

This mighty steam locomotive features a user-activated whistle, bell sounds and special announcements. It’s sure to provide hours of fun. The locomotive even has an operating headlight!

LionChief Remote Controller

Conductors can easily control the movement of their train with this handheld remote that features a forward and reverse speed control knob. Plus, there are also buttons for whistle and bell sounds, steam chuffing, and special announcements.

Decorated Freight Cars

Each piece of rolling stock features fixed couplers and Pennsylvania Flyer deco. Plus, the boxcar has opening doors, the tank car features metal handrails and ladders, and the caboose is illuminated.

Track Layout

This set includes eight curved O36 FasTrack tracks and one 10” straight FasTrack section and one FasTrack 10” wall-pack terminal section – enough track to make a 40” by 50”oval!

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Set includes

  • Powerful 0-8-0 locomotive and coal load
  • Boxcar, tank car, and caboose
  • LionChief remote controller
  • 8 O36 curved FasTrack pieces
  • 1 10" straight FasTrack piece
  • 1 wall-pack terminal FasTrack piece
  • (Remote control batteries not included)
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between this set and the other Lionel Penn Flyer O Gauge train set listed for about $264?

    This one, for $199, is this year's model. The more expensive one is actually last year's. More importantly, this one has a remote control that is pared to this specific locomotive. This means you don't have to be at the transformer to run it AND if you ever get another engine, you can easily run 2 trains independently of each other. The more expensive set does NOT allow you to do that.

  • Can you see the smoke as it puffs?

    You can see the smoke from a distance if the train is running at a relatively slow speed. The smoke is not the units strong suit but when operated at a slower speed it puffs out nice smoke rings.

  • Does this set comes with all the tracks needed? If so, are there enough or do I need to buy anything additional?

    It does come with all tracks needed and is large enough to go around your Christmas tree if you want it for that. You can buy additional tracks and scenery if you want to add to it as the years go by.

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Choking Hazard -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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