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The LinkSys EtherFast BEFSR41-RM is a wired router manufactured by Cisco.

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operates in plug-and-play mode, setup involves just running the wires

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minimal physical profile, just big enough to accommodate the ports

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firewall is difficult to configure properly

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no support for Macs - it does work, but instructions are all PC oriented

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no wireless support of any kind

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heavier traffic with more than one PC streaming media tends to choke, everyone's connection slows

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no on-screen feedback when DSL/Cable connection fails, simulates working connection to the PC so that you have no idea what's happening

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The LinkSys EtherFast BEFSR41-RM is a wired router manufactured by Cisco. It allows for multiple computers within the same household to share an Internet connection. It features a 4-port switch, support for DCHP and Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP), and QoS Prioritization. When compared to another model in the EtherFast line, the BEFVP41, the BEFSR41-RM lacks the various encryption capabilities. However, it still serves its function as an inexpensive network splitter.

The 4-port switch of the BEFSR41-RM allows up to four computers to share the same Internet connection. In addition, one may also link up to more hubs or switches, to connect further computers to a network. The DCHP support enables users to automatically obtain a temporary IP address, while the UPnP support lets users connect and set up their network connection seamlessly. QoS Prioritization is used in order to optimize the speed of a users network.

  • 4-Port Cable/DSL switch
  • DCHP and UPnP support
  • QoS Prioritization (based on port or service type)
  • Included Set-Up wizard
  • Built-in NAT security
  • Firewall (with MAC address and port filtering)
  • Supports IPSec and PPTP Passthrough
  • Upgradable through Internet connection
  • Able to automatically detect straight or cross-over cable
  • Supports Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP


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