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The Linksys WRT610N is a wireless broadband router, giving users the ability to share a broadband internet connection.

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attractive look, good for exposed routers - no external antennas

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gigabit wired ports

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wireless N offers extended range and a huge speed boost

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Supported by DD-WRT v24 preSP2 (beta)

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great to have dual simultaneous wireless bands. can seperate traffic.

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most consumers don't require the enhanced speed

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Firmware MUST be upgraded to latest available to avoid connection problems

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Has a DNS problem

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KISS is good. But interface is too simple. For example, would be nice to include NTP info.

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Storage menus are very awkward

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The Linksys WRT610N is a wireless broadband router, giving users the ability to share a broadband (Cable, DSL) internet connection. The WRT610N features a dual radio band, providing up to twice the regular bandwidth of similar routers. It also functions as a wireless access point and 4-port full duplex Gigabit wired switch, allowing users to network their home or small office. A USB media port allows an external hard drive or USB flash media to be connected to the router for network sharing. The WRT610N uses 256-bit encryption to protect all wireless data transmissions. This router takes advantage of Wireless-N technology, but is also compatible with Wireless-G and –B technologies. The WRT310N was released July 2008, and retails for $150.

  • Wireless-N Technology
  • Dual-N radio bandwidth
  • Four wired Gigabit full duplex ports
  • 256-bit wireless encryption
  • Uses MIMO Technology
  • USB Media Port for file and media sharing
  • Built-in Firewall
Post Review
04/02/2010 06:15

KISS. That helps.

First, I only use the web management interface. You can get to it with either or http://wrt610n/ (if you have "NetBIOS over TCP/IP" enabled on your PC). Don't even try the software that comes with the router. It's a perfect case of bloatware!

It takes a good bit of tweaking to get the router up and running. I use Wireless-N mode on the 5Ghz band and Wireless-G on the 2.4Ghz band. Mixed mode just did not seem to want to work. I might have gotten it to work, but it seemed easier to use this approach.

To augment the router, I use inSSIDer (at ) to find open channels and get the best "bang for the buck". I also use WallWatcher (at ) to monitor the activity at and through the router.

Plus, if I need it dd-wrt appears to be pretty stable at this point on this router.

But once it is up and running it is FAST and stable. No drop out of signal. And better signal range than the D-Link DGL-4300 that it replaced.

11/21/2009 01:30

Gyenge dlna, nem támogatja az mkv fájlokat.

11/02/2009 08:55

This router is terrible (connection drops, frequent lockups) until you upgrade to the latest firmware. After upgrading, which is very easy, it is rock solid and is the best router I have ever used!

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