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The Linksys WRT160N is a wireless broadband router, giving users the ability to share a broadband internet connection.

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wireless N version of the WRT54G only costs $30 extra

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Supports dd-wrt open source firmware

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enhanced wireless speed and distance with compatible wireless N devices

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Easy to setup, but 60% of the people screw that up and blame the router.

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wireless N speeds are only superior for power users

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One of the most expensive when compard to similar models

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It ships with a 500mA-12v adapter while in actual the device needs 1000mA-12v power adapter.

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802.11N is not yet a fully agreed upon standard (can change and leave compatibility issues with future products)

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requires new, often more expensive devices to fully utilize the upgrade

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The Linksys WRT160N is a wireless broadband router, giving users the ability to share a broadband (Cable, DSL) internet connection. The WRT160N also functions as a wireless access point and 4-port 10/100 full duplex wired switch, allowing users to network their home or small office. The WRT160N uses 256-bit encryption to protect all wireless data transmissions. This router takes advantage of Wireless-N technology, but is also compatible with Wireless-G and –B technologies. The WRT160N was released July 2008, and retails for $80.

  • Wireless-N Technology
  • Four wired 10/100 full duplex ports
  • 256-bit wireless encryption
  • Uses MIMO technology
  • Built-in Firewall
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11/16/2010 01:43

These routers come in different versions. You should have a separate page for each version. Some versions are compatible with custom firmware, some are not. It is nearly impossible to tell which version you are getting when ordering online or even when you are trying to buy it in the store. There is no indication on the outside of the packaging wrt what version it is.

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