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It is an entry-level wireless 802.11n router, or access point designed for users with basic network connectivity needs.

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easy to hook up and install

11 agree

affordable price

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slick and attractive compared to the boxy old-school aesthetic of other routers

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backward compatible with older 802.11 devices

7 agree

reliable in a single-computer home.

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802.11N capable - improved range and 3x faster than previous generation 802.11G (with compatible devices)

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nice packaging

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poor reception - poor range, connection always dropping, often cannot reconnect

24 agree

not reliable - constantly needs to be reset

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not compatible with any custom firmwares - stuck with the stock crap

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only capable of 150mbps, half that of true 802.11N - mentioned nowhere in the product literature

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runs hot

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The Linksys WRT120N is an entry-level wireless 802.11n router, or access point designed for users with basic network connectivity needs. This router is not certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance as a Draft 2.0 802.11n product due to its single-stream capabilities. Therefor the WRT120N is limited to a maximum bandwidth of only 150 Mbps when used in 40MHz mode. This router is backwards compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g connections, and includes 4 Ethernet ports for wired connections. In terms of security WPA and WPA2 are fully supported with 128-bit encryption. WiFi Protected Setup mode is also available for those with limited security knowledge. Other features include QoS (Quality of Service) for prioritizing user applications plus parental controls for limiting and monitoring internet usage. The Linksys WRT120N can be configured and maintained through any modern web browser.

  • 802.11b/g/n capabilities
  • 4 wired Ethernet ports
  • WEP/WPA/WPA2 128-bit encryption
  • WiFi Protected Setup mode
  • QoS  (Quality of Service)
  • WMM (Wireless MultiMedia)
  • HTTPS secure admin access
  • Access Restrictions (10 deny or allow-based policies)
  • Logging (Linksys Logviewer recording)

There seems to be a flaw in the administration software.  If the NAT setting is changed then the unit can fail, adminstration become unavailable (HTTP 404 error) and the reset disabled.  Linksys Cisco support knows about this problem but won't consider a recall.  Don't buy if you intend to use the Admin screens.

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Mike Nike
01/11/2013 09:12

That review was outrageous. I have been using this router for 2 years and it is awesome. Never ever dropped a connection. If I lost a connection it was because my ISP was down.

12/22/2011 04:32

Don't get this, it's so bad they are giving it for free with some products(like printers), i got mine this way and it's problematic.



04/07/2012 11:01

Have had zero problems in 1 1/2 yrs of use. Works flawlessly with Netgear's Wireless-N 150 USB Adapter on my other PC. Use the internet Web Settings option to change any settings or upgrade firmware. Download the instructions first though.

05/04/2011 06:27

Correction my PS3....Laurie (Running Stanford Universities Folding@Home software to help in their research on PS3 and the PC)

05/04/2011 06:26

Found it was slow for using as wireless so had Ethernet cabling installed and hooked up PC downstairs then PC3 next to the router and it worked extremely well. As a wired router... Have moved now and will us it again, plus buy the software to help run it in more detail. Pleased it has WiFi type access control and also setup my own password from the day I set it has just kept going and going...Laurie Auckland NZ

01/14/2011 09:45

numerous dropped connections. Had restore firmware twice. Linksys will not take responsibility for product unreliability. After 4 hours with tech support they finally admit ed the router was defective.

Ron Pilot
07/27/2010 10:59

Doesn't hold the signal even after firmware upgrade. Do not buy this POS.



03/27/2012 04:22

From HK : This piece is really a shit product. Always disconnect and I give up eventually. Well done Linsys Cisio.

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