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The Linksys RV082 is an advanced 8-port VPN router for handling the network needs of a small business.

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GUI is well designed, easy to navigate, and makes most setup tasks fairly quick

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good functionality as a dual WAN router, easy to set up and operates consistently

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reliable performance appropriate for a work environment (after firmware update)

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load balances the connection via QoS, makes sure all streams stay consistent

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firewall is feature-rich enough for most purposes

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VPN connections are complicated to set up and work with

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when the MTU setting in the Firewall is set to Auto it can severely choke the throughput of the connection with the ISP

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stability issues are common until you download and install the firmware updates

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The Linksys RV082 is an advanced 8-port VPN router for handling the network needs of a small business. A step up from the RV042, the Linksys RV082 offers a superior Virtual Private Network (VPN) that allows up to 50 (versus 30) remote users to securely connect from faraway locations. In addition, the RV082 lets the user connect a second Internet line as a backup to ensure a permanent and non-disturbed connection. Much like its predecessor, the RV082 can serve as a DHCP server, and also includes a powerful SPI firewall to protect users from intruders and hacker attacks. Additional features of the Linksys RV082 VPN router include user-access filtering, IP filtering, and web-based router configurations. The Linksys RV082 retails for $259.99 and comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

  • 8-Port VPN Router
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • DHCP Server
  • SPI Firewall
  • User-Access Filtering
  • IP Filtering
  • Web-Based Configurations
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Model: RV082 10/100 8-Port VPN Router
  • Standards: IEEE 802.3, 802.3u
  • Ports: 8 10/100 RJ-45 ports, 1 10/100 RJ-45 Internet port, 1 10/100 RJ-45 DMZ/Internet port
  • Buttons: Reset
  • Cabling Type: Category 5 Ethernet
  • LEDs: System, Internet, DMZ/Internet, DMZ Mode, Diag, 1-8
  • UPnP able/cert Cert
  • Security Features: SPI firewall, DES, 3DES and AES encryption for IPSec VPN tunnel
  • Operating System: Linux
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