This tetherball set is all about fun, safety, and convenience.

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Bring the excitement of the school playground to your backyard with the professional Lifetime Portable Tetherball System with Extra Soft Tetherball. This tetherball set is all about fun, safety, and convenience. Now designed using new technology, the regulation-size (8-inch) tetherball is one of the softest around, and the 12-gallon portable base allows for easy mobility - just add sand or water and give it a whirl!  
Lifetime's equipment is engineered with durability in mind: the heavy-duty nylon cord, weather-resistant steel pole, and high-density plastic base will withstand the harshest play and won't crack, chip, or peel. Featuring quick and easy assembly, save your energy for the game and add variety to your kids' playtime routine in no time.  
One of the largest manufacturers of blow-molded polyethylene folding tables and chairs and portable residential basketball equipment, Lifetime Products also manufactures outdoor storage sheds, utility trailers, and lawn and garden items. Founded in 1972 by Barry Mower, Lifetime Products operates out of Clearfield, Utah, and continues to apply innovation and cutting-edge technology in plastics and metals to create a family of affordable lifestyle products that feature superior strength and durability. 8-inch ball with new soft-touch technology. Powder-coated 96-inch steel pole - rust resistant. 72-inch nylon cord with steel attachment hook. High-density polyethylene 30-inch portable base. 5-year limited warranty included.
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  • Portable tetherball system for ages 4 and older
  • Heavy-duty, weather- and rust-resistant construction
  • 30-inch round HDPE base fills with sand or water
  • Regulation-sized 8-inch tetherball and 72-inch cord
  • 5-year warranty on pole and base
  • The item includes a pump and needle to inflate the ball
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If it breaks, can it be replaced. Can you just buy a new one and attach it?

    I believe you can buy the ball on a stand-alone basis. Check on Amazon. I have no complaints about this unit - it is well made, well constructed and whenever the ball gets low on air, we just pump it back up. This is a fun toy for all ages.

  • The pole seems lose and we are having a hard time screwing it tight enough so that the pole is.

    Make sure you have the disk/flange underneath the base seated correctly. Once it is seated you should be able to tighten it up and it won't move any more. From time to time we have to tighten ours up after a month or two of play. Hope this helps.

  • What age group

    I think this is great for any age. Very young ones will have fun just batting the ball around and my 5'9" 13 year-old daughter loves beating my husband at tetherball.

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