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Lifetime Dome Climber Play Center provides a 10-Foot Radius climbing structure for 3 to 10 year old children.

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Lifetime Dome Climber Play Center provides a 10-Foot Radius climbing structure for 3 to 10 year old children. If you're looking for big toys to keep the kids entertained in your own backyard, check out this awesome big toy from Lifetime--the geometric Dome Climber. This is a big toy that several kids can enjoy at the same time. Big toys like our Dome Climber help your child to develop strong muscles and coordination. Our Dome Climber is a fun, geometric design with real rock climbing hand grips. It is constructed of powder-coated steel to prevent rusting and peeling. Like all of our big toys, the Dome Climber is made from top-quality construction and built to last--a big toy that will be a backyard attraction for many years. Constructed with 1.5" diameter and 33" lengths of tubing.

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  • Heavy-duty construction; weather- and rust-resistant powder-coated steel
  • Strong, interactive Design; high-density polyethylene (HDPE) climbing grips
  • Suitable for children ages 3-10; 600-pound total weight capacity
  • Assembled Dimensions: 10-foot diameter, 5-foot height
  • 1-year warranty
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  • Earthtones
  • Primary Colors
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Anyone know if it's *exactly* 10 ft? we have a certain size space to fill and need 9'9." thanks!

    I measured it and in several different directions!! The measurements always were less than 10 ft. It's hard to explain but the dome is flexible and light which is why it is easy to move. The base isn't a rigid circle which is why my measurements were all different depending on the angle I measured, but I didn't get to 10' in any of them. The dome is outside on uneven grass. Since I'm sure you can return it if it doesn't fit, I would take the risk because it is a great climber and as I mentioned in my review, irresistible to adults as well as kids!! I hung upside down from it yesterday to impress the grandkids!

  • Does this attach to the ground in anyway? We live in the Midwest and are prone to strong winds known to lift trampolines, etc.

    No, it does not attach to the ground, but it could be done with locking carabiners and swing set anchors. That being said, we live in Iowa and get strong winds and blustery gusts nearly every day and this thing does not even shake. That's because a dome is one of the most architecturally stable designs there is. While we anchored our swing set down, we did nothing to secure the dome because, once built, it becomes readily apparent that the thing is not going anywhere. You must, of course, erect it on level ground, though! I would say the most important safety precaution to take would be to put in the proper ground substrate. This is, in fact, strongly recommended in the owner's manual, whereas anchors were not. The same was not true for the swing set, where the owner's manual strongly cautioned to use BOTH ground fill AND anchors.

  • How can you disassemble to move it?

    It is very light weight for its size and strength. If you want to move it over to mow etc. it would be very easy to move without disassembling it. If you need it to be broken down it looks like it would be a bit of a chore- but doable. So you could take it with you in a move, but wouldn't want to do it every week for lawn care.

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