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Made with a steel tubing frame and a fiberboard backboard.

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The adjustable backboard height is great for different ceiling heights.

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This system is very sturdy. It is almost commercial quality.

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Tools for assembly are included.

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This system is fun for all ages.

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Some of the pieces are not manufactured properly. Some of the pipes are not cut properly.

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The second hoop does not electronically keep an accurate score.

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The indoor Lifetime Double Shot Arcade Basketball game is made with a steel tubing frame and a fiberboard backboard. The backboard is designed with optical scoring sensors, an adjustable-height backboard, and side-by-side shooting. The backboard is 48 inches wide and features electronic buzzers. The nylon canvas ramp has a front brace bar with adjustable straps.This system folds up for storage.

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  • Fold-up arcade basketball game 
  • Side-by-side shot competition
  • Optical scoring sensors
  • Electronic buzzers
  • Adjustable backboard height from 82 to 90 inches tall
  • Steel tubing frame
  • Fiberboard backboard
  • Nylon canvas ramp with front brace bar and adjustable straps
  • Uses standard electrical plug
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  • Model Number: 90056
  • Electrical indoor fold-up adjustable height arcade basketball system
  • 1.5-inch steel tubing frame with nylon canvas ramp and fiberboard backboard
  • 89 by 51 by 90 inches
  • 89 by 51 by 42 inches folded
  • 48 by 20 inch backboard
  • Fiberboard with double hoops
  • Electrical infra-red optical Sure Score sensors
  • Sound effects
  • (2) 12-inch (30.4 cm) rims of 5/8-inch steel tubing
  • Nylon canvas ramp with side netting
  • Adjusts from 90 inches down to 82 inches for lower ceilings
  • 85 pounds
  • Includes 7-inch rubber basketballs, basketball pump, and needle
  • 90-day warranty
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can you get a replacement scoreboard?

    Contact the Lifetime company directly and they will send you a replacement.

  • What are the dimensions?

    It is 89 inches high, 51 inches wide, and 90 inches deep.

  • Where can you get replacement nets for the Double-Shot Arcade Basketball System?

    Go through Amazon. Amazon will contact the company who will in turn, contact the customer.

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