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The LG LSC27914ST is a low-end to mid-level side-by-side refrigerator aimed at those with simplicity in mind.

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front panel is easy to work with, attractively designed

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consistent performance from one day to the next, doesn't need constant adjustment

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loud beeper lets you know if you accidentally left the door opened

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water dispenser is tall enough for pitchers

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finish is smooth and flawless, design is beautiful and minimal

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interior has room for a lot of groceries, and is well organized

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changing the water filter can be difficult

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The LG LSC27914ST is a low-end to mid-level side-by-side refrigerator aimed at those with simplicity in mind. It has contoured doors and hidden hinges for a smooth exterior while its 26.5 cu.ft. interior provides plenty of room. The LSC27914ST also comes equipped with an integrated ice/water dispenser as well as a variety of drawers including a vegetable drawer and dairy corner for cheese and butter. Additionally, the LG LSC27914ST is EnergyStar compliant.

The ice/water dispenser features a graphic LED display; it displays the amount of ice or water that remains in the LSC27914ST. Its volume allows for a large amount of food storage while its EnergyStar certification shows that the LSC27914ST is energy efficient despite its size. Its variety of shelves and storage drawers allow a certain amount of customization in food layout while keeping everything organized. The LG LSC27914ST is available in black, white and stainless steel.

  • Integrated ice/water dispenser
  • Graphic LED console
  • 26.5 cu.ft. volume
  • Contoured doors and hidden hinges
  • Available in black, white and stainless steel
  • Variety of drawers for different types of food
  • Standard 1 year parts and labour warranty
  • EnergyStar compliant
 Model Variations
  • LG LSC27914SB - black version of the LG LSC27914ST ($1159)
  • LG LSC27914SW - white version of the LG LSC27914ST ($1159)
Post Review
06/19/2013 02:32

Purchased this refrigerator Aug 10, 2010 with extended warranty. So far the Ice maker has been replaced 3 times. The service technician has been here 3 times this month (June 2013) and it still does not work. Would not recommend LG appliances

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