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The LG LMX21984ST is an extra large refrigerator aimed at people who use their freezer section daily.

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2 separate handles for separate freezer compartments makes contents much more accessible

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door-mounted ice dispenser takes up very little room

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runs silently, can't hear it running even when standing right next to it

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water dispenser is too small, barely fits the cup

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the vegetable compartments are divided up into too many small spaces, can't fit much in them

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ice comes out a little too forcefully, will splash out of the cup

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unit generates a little too much cold air, needs to be dialed down a little at first

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The LG LMX21984ST is an extra large refrigerator aimed at people who use their freezer section daily. The freezer itself is made up of two large drawer sections, making it easier to access stored foods without having to dig through everything. The 24.7 cu. ft. capacity is maximized by keeping the water and ice dispenser in the refrigerator door without storing ice in the interior. An LED displays the status of the unit, manages the child locks, and the current room temperature. SmoothTouch controls are used for easy cleaning.

Model Variations
  • LG LMX25984SB - Smooth Black Finish - MSRP $2419
  • LG LMX25984SW - Smooth White Finish - MSRP $2419
  • French door design
  • 24.7 cu. ft capacity
  • Double Freezer Drawer
  • Stainless Steel, Smooth Black or Smooth White finish
  • Ice & Water dispenser
  • SpacePlus™ Ice System
  • 4-Compartment Crisper System
  • LED display (Temperature R/F, Ice & Water, Child Lock, IcePlus™, Water Filter Status, Room Temperature)
  • SmoothTouch™ controls
  • LoDecibel™ operation
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11/12/2010 05:20

how is reliability? Reviews evidently show LG has poor c/s service and units may not be reliable.

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