The LG LFC25776ST is a high-end French-door styled Fridge and Freezer by LG.

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The LG LFC25776ST is a high-end French-door styled Fridge and Freezer by LG.  The stainless steel cabinet has two symmetrical doors that open into the refrigerator, as well as a single bottom pull drawer that opens to the freezer space for a total storage area of 7.3 ft.  This fridge/freezer combo is also equipped with a linear compressor motor that is backed by a 10-year warranty.  The LG LFC25776ST has a recommended price of $1889.

The LG LFC21770ST has a number of additional features.  The linear compressor motor is a step-up in reliability and noise pollution, since it uses far less moving parts than a traditional fridge motor and is backed by a 10-year warranty by LG.  The fridge section has a 4-compartment crisper system, to help ease the pains of organizing you produce and fruits, veggies and drinks.  This unit is Energy Star compliant, and LG boasts 20% less energy consumption than is legally obligated.  This unit also has the LoDecible Quiet Operation feature to reduce unwanted noise while running.

Key Features

  • French 3-door
  • 7.3 ftof space
  • Stainless Steel Exterior

  • LED Display

  • Multi Air-flow Cooling

  • Temperature Controls

  • Temperature Sensors

  • LoDecible Quiet Operation

  • Energy Star compliant

  • Warranty = 1 Year Parts and Labor, 10 Years warranty on Linear Compressor
Model Variations
  • LG LFC25776SB

    - MSRP $1579 - Same as above model, but in black.
  • LFC25776SW - MSRP $1579 - Same as above model but in white.
Post Review
12/15/2010 11:31

Bought 1 4 months ago. It already died. Lost all my food. Called Sears took over a week to come look at it. Did'nt bring parts. Now parts are being shipted to us. Then we have to call for another apointment. Please record this as a Con

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