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LG's latest innovation in the refrigerator world is a model with all the new bells and whistles including a french door design.

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bottom freezer with tilt door

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very quiet

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Temperature remains steady

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water filter with water dispenser

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shelves aren't customizable

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ice maker doesn't always work

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LG's latest innovation in the refrigerator world is a model with all the new bells and whistles including a french door design, ice maker and water dispenser, compartmentalized storage and precise temperature control. One of the best features of this model is the tilt-door freezer design. Since the freezer is on the bottom, the tilt-door factor allows better maneuverability inside the drawer and access to items. The temperature gauge is located on the outside door, giving you an accurate representation of the internal temperature and allowing you to control it accordingly. The IcePlus function allows you to accelerate the ice-making process.

Some key features
  • 4 slide-out shelves
  • 4 door baskets
  • utility bin with egg tray
  • external ice and water dispenser
  • water filtration system
  • quiet operation
  • 2 freezer drawers with tilt-door

Refrigerator: 17.6 cubic feet, Freezer: 7.1 cubic feet

Post Review
10/25/2008 09:24

Like the above reader I thought this frig was great for the firt year or so. Around the 15th month I came home to my wide telling me the lights in the frig no longer worked. After lokking into the issue I found the bulbs had apparently over heated and melted the plastic all around the bulbs. Of course out of warranty. I found replacemennt parts online for about $110 bucks but when you pay $2000 for a friggin' frig it you should NOT have ANY out of pocket repair costs for a lot longer than a year. I do not recommend this product nor will I ever buy another LG product becasue of this.

09/08/2008 07:59

For 13 months, I would have responded that I love everything about this refrigerator. Water & ice dispenser, capacity in the fridge and freezer, tilt door on freezer, quiet operation. 14th month, temperature control board has failed and everything in the fridge compartment is frozen. Still awaiting quote on repair cost since, of course, it's out of warranty. Search other negative comments on this model. Would not recommend.

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