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The LG LRG3095ST is a gas range designed to provide even heat throughout.

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easy to clean inside and out, everything wipes up quickly

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boils a pot of water extremely fast when needed

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front knobs are comfortable to work with, easy to set, feel secure and firm

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food in the oven cooks evenly, no cool/hot spots

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drawer is well designed, glides out easily

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temperature readout is small and hard to see from across the kitchen

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feedback from the control panel is poor, can't feel if I'm on the button before pressing it

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The LG LRG3095ST is a gas range designed to provide even heat throughout. This is similar to the LG LRG3093ST, but has a convection system built in rather than the PreciseTemp system. This allows the preheating process to go much faster, and ensures that heat is distributed evenly around the food. The controls are only slightly different, with a SmoothTouch panel controlling the oven's settings and a series of knobs at the front for controlling the top burners. Apart from this they are the same, with a 5.4 cubic foot capacity inside and a Brilliant Blue interior found in all of LG's high-end models. The 5 burners are all sealed for easier cleaning and can be set as high as 17,000 BTUs for fast boiling.

  • 5.4 cu ft capacity
  • Convection Oven
  • Brilliant Blue Interior
  • Superboil 17,000 BTU Burner
  • Flat Broil Heater
  • 5 High Performance Sealed Burners
  • Controls: SmoothTouch, Knobs
Model Variations
  • LG LRG3095SB, Smooth Black - MSRP $1,469.00
  • LG LRG3095ST, Stainless Steel - MSRP $1,579.00
  • LG LRG3095SW, Smooth White - MSRP $1,469.00
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