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The LG LDE3017ST is an electric range built with two oven compartments that can be set to different temperatures.

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cooks food evenly, good circulation of heat inside

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offers a good range of programmable options

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dual compartments are very convenient and work as expected

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control panel is easy to keep clean

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button panel is responsive and well laid out

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lacks the traditional large knobs for temperature control

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a tight fit for deeper roasting pans with lids

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The LG LDE3017ST is an electric range built with two oven compartments that can be set to different temperatures. The upper oven has 6 inches of height to accommodate deeper roasting pans, and between the two compartments has a total capacity of 6.7 cubic feet. This is a true convection oven, ensuring that air circulation keeps the temperature consistent throughout the unit. On the top a ceramic class surface covers 2 dual cooktop elements, one measuring 6/9 inches and one 9/12 inches. These use the InfraGrill system found in higher end ranges which penetrates food more efficiently, allowing meat to cook faster without losing its juices. The control panel is designed with smooth-touch controls for easy cleaning.

  • Upper Oven Height 6 in
  • Large Capcity 6.7 cu ft
  • True Convection
  • 2 dual cooktop elements: 6/9 in, 9/12 in
  • InfraGrill system
  • Smooth Touch controls
  • Brilliant blue interior
  • Cooktop Material: ceramic glass
Model Variations
  • LG LDE3017SB, Smooth Black - MSRP $1,679.00
  • LG LDE3017ST, Stainless Steel - MSRP $1,784.00
  • LG LDE3017SW, Smooth White - MSRP $1,679.00
Post Review
07/31/2013 03:53

July 31, 2013
The LDE3017ST we bought is poorly finished, paint drippers all over the 'backsplash' and the joint of the front of the cooking top is very visible, all a sign of poor workmanship and no quality control to catch it. Thus far the unit operates alright. (it better since it is only 2 month old, and barely used) We requested that the top be replaced/fixed but are still waiting for this issue to be resolved. Multiple promises from a LG rep to call me back, I am waiting!! I have emailed pictures and bill of sales, what else do you want?
We got this one after we had our previous unit an LG LSC5683WS 'lost' its enamel in the oven within 2 years. LG paid a partial replacement sum only after we had to commit to buying another LG replacement, which I am now sorry I did. We're not terribly happy with some of our other LG products (fridge and dishwasher, poor design, operation unpredictable). Never again! LG for me now stands for Low Grade.



09/02/2013 02:27

LG replaced the part August 26

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