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The LG LMHM2017ST is a high-end over-the-range 1100 watt microwave.

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inside wipes clean relatively easily, nothing sticks

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well-designed controls, easy to understand and well organized

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installation is fast and easy, no surprises

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great power, can heat things up very quickly

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vent efficiently moves smoke and other cooking vapors

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customer support over the phone isn't organized, difficult to deal with quality control issues

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tends to overheat food if using the sensor

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The LG LMHM2017ST is a high-end over-the-range 1100 watt microwave. The sensor cooking feature of this microwave gauges the humidity of the food cooking and stops automatically when it is finished, thereby eliminating over and under cooking. The warming lamp of the LMHM2017ST uses a radiant heating element to keep food warm for up to ninety minutes after cooking. The ExtendaVent feature of this microwave covers the entire stovetop cooking surface, and so takes in all the smoke from said cooking surface. The QuietPower vent is for when you want this job done quietly. This microwave is a step up from the lower cost LMV2015ST model in that it has the ExtendaVent as well as a Monitor-style design (controls at the bottom). However, this microwave lacks the flagship LMVH1750's convection technology (which allows you to bake or roast foods), halogen cooktop lighting (the LMHM2017ST has incandescent lighting, like the rest of this product line), and 2-line VFD display. The LG LMHM2017ST comes with a one year parts and labor warranty (with a ten year limited warranty on the Magnetron). There are model variations for the LG LMHM2017ST microwave.

  • Model variations
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty/10 year limited warranty on Magnetron
  • Professional design
  • ExtendaVent
  • 1100 watts
  • Warming lamp
  • Over-the-range design
  • QuietPower vent
  • Monitor look design
  • WideView exterior
  • 2 cubic foot capacity
  • VFD display
  • Digital controls
  • Color options: Stainless steel, black, white
  • Sensor cook
  • Sensor reheat
  • Melt/soften
  • Child lock
  • 7 sensor cook controls
  • 10 power levels
  • Auto/Rapid defrost
  • Popcorn key
  • EZ-On
  • Custom cook
  • Custom set
  • Add 30 seconds button
  • Bi-level cooking rack
  • 14.2" turntable diameter (w/ Dual Distribution technology)
  • Clock
  • Timer
  • Completion beeper
Model Variations
  • LMHM2017SW - $479, convection bake/roast feature, white
  • LMHM2017SB - $479, convection bake/roast feature, black 
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